Evgeni Reingold(a.k.a. Ev.Rei.)@NDG. Information Technology Solutions

Evgeni Reingold
  • 23+ years of custom Software development, project management, business analysis and IT support experience
  • Hands-on in using wide set of Softwared development platforms such as Java/JEE, Spring/Spring Boot, .NET, PHP, MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server.
  • Worked for major Retail, Government and Financial organizations such Loblaws, Ontario Ministry of Health, TD Bank and BC Provincial Health Services Authority
  • Proficient in modern Software Development technologies and methodologies such as Micro-Services, Agile, Test-Driven Development (TDD) and Continuous Integration (CI).
  • Well-versed in Software Quality Assurance Automation using popular QA automation tools such as Selenium and Quick Test Pro.

Micro-services success strory

As team member for BC PHSA (British Columbia Provincial Health Services Authority) Evgeni Reingold was challenged to deliver automated solution performing Patient matching upon arrival of Patient Immunization record.

After analyzing existing system Evgeni Reingold determined this is legacy style monolithic application performing poorly in current conditions and adding extra functionality will bring performance down to unacceptable level and further increase complexity of the system.

Therefore Evgeni Reingold had designed new function as stand-alone event-driven microservice using Spring Boot technology. The process of Patient matching is to be triggered by event of Immunization record arrival. With such approach using Java Messaging System Evgeni Reingold achieved scalability of new solution thanks to use of 30 concurrent workers (Message Listeners) processing Immunization records asynchronously.

Evgeni Reingold has also re-designed existing system and de-coupled initial immunization message processing function from UI services. This process was originally designed as sequential, non-scalable function tightly coupled with rest of the application. Using Spring Boot and JMS Evgeni Reingold was able to create new stand-alone scalable event-driven microservice.

Once both functions were physically separated from UI services, performance of UI services increased dramatically as whole CPU of the server was now dedicated to UI services only. All 3 components of the newly designed system became capable of individual scaling.

Communication between Component 1 (Initial Immunization record processing and validation) and Component 2 (Patient Matching and immunization recording) was implemented as exchange of JMS messages rather direct API calls (Choreography instead of Orchestration). This approach prevents tight coupling of those microservices and opens broaden opportunities for scalability.

Custom Business Software Development

Evgeni Reingold provides professional software development and consulting services focused on delivering custom Software Applications for businesses located in Greater Toronto Area or remotely. Evgeni Reingold aim is to deliver quality-centric and scalable, cost effective Information Technology Solutions thus helping his clients and partners achieve outstanding business results and generate great returns.

Web Development and site maintenance

  • Selecting right technology for your web site.
  • Seleting right web hosting solution.
  • Design, develop and deploy Database-driven web site.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Perform site maintenance tasks such as DNS and user EMail accounts maintenance, Data backups and archive.
  • Make your site true eCommerce by integrating it with PayPal.
  • Enable Google Maps for your site (by using Google Maps APIs).

Software QA Automation solutions

Determined to automated regression testing of Software Applications by performing integration testing including Web Services invocation, UI Automation, Database querying and reporting. Intended to deliver data-driven, easy to use solutions drastically reducing amount of manual regression testing.

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